Russia Is Sick Of Americans Adopting, Then Abusing Russian Children

Russia HIV/Aids Hospital

Photo: AP

Russian officials concerned about treatment of children adopted by Americans are considering suspending all adoptions by US citizens.The Foreign Ministry is weighing the suspension until a new accord with the US is signed allowing officials to better monitor the welfare of children taken to America, reports ABC News.

Adoptions were temporarily halted in 2010 when a Tennessee mum put her 7-year-old son on a plane, alone, to Russia with a note pinned to his shirt saying she was returning him because he was “mentally unstable.”

Another couple was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last year in the death of their 7-year-old adoptive Russian son. They’re already out of prison.

US citizens have adopted close to 50,000 Russian children in the last 20 years.

This post originally appeared at Newser.

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