Russia is creating an 'all-seeing eye' drone that can see through camouflage

Russia is creating a drone that can see beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of the human eye.

The drone can automatically detect military equipment, including camouflaged and hidden objects, and distinguish between man-made objects from natural ones. It’s able to accomplish this by taking pictures made up of pixels with a unique spectrum that cannot be seen by humans.

Using its opto-electronic equipment, the drone compiles digital information about an area and then assesses the environment for soil contamination, fuel spills, and traces of chemicals.

The drone is being built by the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), a Russian state corporation created in 2014. UIMC is a part of the Rostec Corporation, which builds high-tech products like military equipment, recently released the news about the drone.

“The technology we created can process hyperspectral data streams, leading to the creation of an ‘all-seeing eye’ that allows our drones to look beyond the usual boundaries of the human eye’s electromagnetic spectrum,” Sergey Skokov, Deputy CEO of UIMC, said in Rostec’s news release about the drone.

Rostec consists of 7oo organisations, which specialize in the manufacturing of military and industrial products, as well as civilian products. Rostec is manufacturing an electronical warfare weapon for Sozvezdie, a leading developer in electronic warefare, called the Borisoglebsk 2 — a ground vehicle designed to disrupt communications and GPS systems.

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