Russia Has Saved The Space Sex Geckos And The 'Equipment' Is Working

Geckos in space training. Picture: Oleg Voloshin/Institute of Biomedical Problems

The space sex geckos have been saved.

Russia has regained control of the satellite which had been orbiting uncontrolled while five geckos inside were being filmed having sex.

The geckos are part of an experiment studying the effects of microgravity on reproduction systems and were thought doomed when Roscosmos couldn’t communicate with their spacecraft late last week.

That meant it was stuck in a low orbit which would inevitably see it pulled down to Earth uncontrolled.

Now, as more details emerge about exactly what the geckos have been getting up to, the Russian ground crew say it’s all under control again and they’ll make a fiery touchdown in September.

“We have conducted several communication sessions, and the link is stable,” head of Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko said, according to Russia Today.

“We are sure that we will be able to conduct 90 per cent of what we initially planned.”

The geckos are accompanied by some fruit flies and mushrooms. And reportedly it’s just the one male gecko who has the whole world watching his performance with four lady geckos.

“The equipment which is working in automatic mode, and in particular the experiment with the geckos is working according to the programme,” said a spokesman of Russia’s Institute of Medico-Biological Problems, which is running the experiment.

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