Russia's Chief Doctor Tells People Not To Eat McDonald's As It's 'Not Our Food'


Photo: By joolie on Flickr

Russian chief health inspector, Gennady Onishchenko, has issued a stinging criticism of McDonald’s, and the very concept of burgers in general, the Moscow Times reports.”I remind our citizens that burgers, even without worms, aren’t a sensible dietary choice for the population of Moscow and Russia. This is not our food,” Onishchenko reportedly said.

Onishchenko’s comments came after a woman reportedly found worms in a McChicken sandwich in Moscow. Onishchenko also called the McChicken sandwich an “excuse for food”, RFE/RL reports.

McDonalds is just the latest foreign food to incur the wrath of Onishchenko. He’s previously warned Russians not to eat sushi, Georgian wine, Ukrainian cheese and Belarusian milk.

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