Surprise: Russia Declares North Korea Innocent In Cheonan Sinking


Russia is the FIRST country to find North Korea innocent in the Cheonan sinking. Even Communist China hasn’t completed its investigation into the March shipwreck — though a not-guilty ruling seems likely now.

Russia’s analysis contradicts reports from US Department of defence and South Korea.

It’s enough to make you wonder. Would Russia try to protect Kim Jong-il? Would America and South Korea skew information to cover up a terrible accident?

Here’s how Russian media reported the findings, according to JoongAng Daily:

The Hankyoreh report was based on what the vernacular paper claimed is an official document from the Russian government. Titled “Russian Navy experts group’s review of the cause of the sinking of the South Korean ship Cheonan,” the document claimed the explosion that sunk the Cheonan was an accident.

The document was cited as saying that the Cheonan was cruising in a shallow area close to the shore when its propeller got tangled in a net. As the corvette was trying to get into deeper sea, the ship touched an antenna-shaped detonator of a mine, which triggered the explosion. It did not say whether the mine was North Korean.

Either way it’s clear our side has bungled its response, with China gaining regional clout and North Korea getting off scot free.

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