Here's The Russell Westbrook Outfit That Made Kobe Bryant Say, 'Oh S***'

The latest chapter of the Russell Westbrook Fashion Experience featured yellow pants, a nerd-chic polo, and a cameo from Kobe Bryant.

Here’s what the OKC guard wore last night (via Mike Prada):

russell westbrook polo shirt

Photo: Mike Prada of SB Nation

Standard stuff up top. But holy pants!

russell westbrook yellow pants

Photo: @hiphopnonstoptv

Apparently Kobe Bryant got of glimpse of Westbrook’s garb in the hallway outside the locker room. Here was his pitch-perfect response (via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin):

kobe tweet about russell westbrook

Photo: @mcten

In all fairness, Kobe once dressed like this for a photoshoot:

kobe Bryant

Photo: LA Times Magazine

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