Here's The Bone-Headed Play By Russell Westbrook That Handed The Miami Heat A Huge Win

The best game of the year in the NBA came down to a crucial dumb foul by Russell Westbrook with 13 seconds left.

Down 101-98, Westbrook didn’t realise that the shot clock didn’t reset after a jump ball, and he intentionally fouled Mario Chalmers in the corner. Chalmers buried the free throws, and the Heat won 104-98.

Westbrook should have known the situation, and OKC coach Scott Brooks should have made sure his guy was aware of the situation. But let’s make one thing clear: this loss isn’t on Westbrook. 

He had 45 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists on 20 of 32 shooting. He single-handedly kept them in the game in the fourth quarter. OKC wouldn’t have had even a slight chance to win it at the end without Westbrook.

But that being said, this was a costly, costly mental error. OKC now faces elimination on Thursday:

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