Russell Westbrook soaring through the air for a dunk was captured in a beautiful photo

The NBA season is approaching the halfway point and already Russell Westbrook has a season’s worth of ridiculous highlights. 

The Thunder point guard is averaging a triple-double this season, has a league-leading 20 triple-doubles on the year, and has become must-watch TV. To watch Westbrook this year is to constantly marvel at his otherworldly athleticism — how did he steal that pass? He got that rebound from there? How did he not break his hand dunking that basketball? 

On Monday, Getty photographer Harry How captured Westbrook in all his glory. No picture has ever captured the Westbrook experience quite like this one:

Russell Westbrook

Here’s a similar photograph from How, zoomed slightly out, that’s also not bad: 

Russell Westbrook

And a third one, from a different perspective (note the message on the top of the backboard):

Russell Westbrook

Here, by the way, is video of the dunk that How captured so amazingly: 

Certainly not his most ferocious dunk, but Westbrook being Westbrook nonetheless.

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