Russell Crowe: Modern Day 'Robin Hood' Would Steal From The Rich (Media Bigwigs)

Before a Cannes Film Festival press screening for Ridley Scott’s soon-to-be-released blockbuster adaptation of “Robin Hood,” the movie’s star, Russel Crowe, shared some thoughts on whom he thinks the heroic outlaw would steal from were he a real person living in the year 2010.

Robin Hood’s No. 1 modern-day foe? Big media, Crowe said.

“My theory would be that if Robin was alive today he would be looking at the monopolization of media as the greatest enemy,” he told a room full of reporters, whom he then asked: “Would he have in mind what you guys do for a living and realise that the true wealth lies in the dissemination of information?”

Easy to say for a guy starring in a flick that cost Universal Pictures $237 million to make!

Watch the clip below, courtesy of AFP:

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