Russell Crowe just hosted an epic #AskRussellCrowe session on Twitter

Picture: Fear of God Films

Russell Crowe is preparing for the premiere of The Water Diviner in the US, the movie he directed and starred in and which is already starting to collect industry awards.

It’s a story about an Australian farmer who travels to Turkey immediately following the end of Word War I to find his three sons. It debuted in Australia and Turkey on Boxing Day and will open in the US on April 24.

The trailer launched on iTunes a couple of hours ago, and Crowe put himself on PR duties by hosting a Q&A on Twitter.

#AskRussellCrowe quickly trended, once people realised Crowe was actually replying. He did a good job of it too, with some highlights including his favourite bottle of red and the stuntman he killed three times in a single film.

The session has ended now, but there’s plenty of entertainment to be had as the questions keep flooding in to #AskRussellCrowe.

Here’s the trailer: