Russell Brand: The Australian government thinks the refugee issue is a 'quiz show'

Screenshot: Russell Brand. The Trews/ YouTube.

British comedian Russell Brand has taken another shot a Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a 9-minute video, “Are Refugees Australia‚Äôs & Our Collective Responsibility?”, part of his The Trews YouTube series.

In the clip, Brand takes aim at Abbott and Australia’s asylum seeker policies, criticising the government for treating refugees as a drain on the country’s economy.

“Anything where people are sent to camps makes me nervous … the whole mentality of anti-immigration really…[is] not in tune with a progressive globalised times,” he says.

Have you got the equipment? Yes. Is it safe? Yes. The refugees are coming. No they f***ing ain’t!”

He also accuses the Australia government of treating the issue as like a “crazy new quiz show” where Tony Abbott is the host.

Tony, why are there even white people in Australia? How did white people get to Australia?… They came here on boats!”

Also for a second time, Brand has called out Rupert Murdoch as a corporate tax evader and “refugee of the world” because he doesn’t pay tax in Britain, Australia or the United States.

“Global corporations treat it as a borderless world where they can go where they want and do what they want,” he said.

“But if the poor people of the world, similarly, search of a better life… then those doors are slammed for them.”

Here’s the video in full.

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