Russell Armstrong’s Lawyer Doesn’t See Any Problem With A Little Light Domestic Abuse (VIDEO)

ronald richards

Score the first stomach-turning response to Russell Armstrong‘s suicide; not to Bravo, or any “Housewife,” but to Armstrong’s lawyer, Ronald Richards.

Richards just gave an interview to Megyn Kelly that basically tries to pin Armstrong’s suicide on his ex-wife, “Real Housewives” star Taylor Armstrong.

The couple’s appearance on “Real Housewives”? All Taylor, says Richards. And as for Russell’s mindset? “He worked very hard to make his wife famous, and right when she became famous, the marriage ended, so he was disappointed.”

Richards also confirmed the couple was far less wealthy than they appeared — well, welcome to “Real Housewives.”

But here’s the best part.

Richards claimed to have no knowledge of Russell as a domestic abuser.

When Kelly pressed the issuse, citing reports that Russell had admitted to “pushing” Taylor, Richards responded:

“I think the specter of him being labelled as an abuser was really bothering him because the only type of issues were excessive drinking and a little grabbing.”

Oh! Then it’s fine.

Video below (abuse stuff around 3:10).