Rush Limbaugh Praises Wolf Blitzer For 'Auditioning For Fox News'

Rush Limbaugh praised CNN host Wolf Blitzer for scolding President Obama for his decision to miss the NAACP conference Thursday, speculating during his radio show on Friday that Blitzer was “auditioning for Fox News, maybe MSNBC.”

“I guess they’re trying to break out of the doldrums there at CNN with an opinion,” Limbaugh said. “Wolf wasn’t pretending to be objective here. He branched out.”

During coverage of the NAACP event, Blitzer scolded Obama, saying it was the “right thing to do” to attend. Blitzer also supported Romney’s decision to speak, praising him for showing “white, suburban voters” that he was a “moderate” by taking his message to a group of people who are not supportive.

“The President should not take the African-American vote for granted,” Blitzer added.

Watch Blitzer’s comments below:

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