Rush Limbaugh SLAMS The NDAA: ‘Total Authoritarianism’

Great commentary from Rush Limbaugh. (I never thought those words would appear in one of my columns, but there you have it: I’m not a partisan hack, and when someone does great work on-air, they get the standing ovation they deserve.)

In the video clip below, syndicated conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh absolutely slams the NDAA, and discusses the dictatorial powers that such legislation hands to President Obama’s administration.

Rush even gives a shout out to Business Insider toward the end, which is appreciated!

What’s the NDAA, you wonder?

It was signed into law on New Year’s Eve by President Obama, while Americans were distracted.

It suspends habeas corpus.

It suspends right to a trial, and access to an attorney.

It allows the government to detain — using military force — whomever they want, including American citizens on US soil.

Rush Limbaugh on the NDAA:

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