RUSH LIMBAUGH: The NFL Has 'Never Been Better!'

Rush Limbaugh

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The NFL referee strike is getting political today in the aftermath of the egregious call in Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks game. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his two cents, and they’re a piece of trolly genius. Here’s how he opened his show today:

Folks, I’m gonna tell you, the NFL has never been better.  (laughing)  You don’t know how much I love saying that.  He-he.  Really, these games, if this kept up, you’d have ratings skyrocketing through the roof. The unpredictability of these games would cause people that are not even football fans to watch just to listen to the sportscasters go bananas over the referees. 

Then he moved on, somehow, of course, tying the call to President Obama, the “left,” and the mainstream media. 

And I got to thinking about it, what’s everybody mad about?  The referees are incompetent.  Well, as I said yesterday, doesn’t Obama say give everybody a fair shot?  Doesn’t Obama say we must be tolerant?  Doesn’t Obama, and the left in general, don’t they promote the advancement of the incompetent based on the fact that they’re incompetent?  Screw standards in testing.  We don’t need to go find the best.  That’s unfair, in fact.  If somebody’s better than somebody else, we’re gonna penalise ’em.  Outcome based education.  Remember that?  Two plus two is five.  It is, if you think so, rather than humiliate you and tell you you’re wrong. 

The end of Limbaugh’s rant compared the call last night to how the mainstream media treats conservatives:

How do you explain what to the kids?  Well, how do you explain the media to your kids? My point here is that what’s happening in this NFL season and that game last night I believe suffices as a microcosm for what certain people, fans, we conservatives are fans of conservatives, conservatism, we’re cheated against every day, we’re lied about every day.  The media gets it wrong on purpose against us every day.  Now, I think it’s a good analogy.  I just raise it to make a point.  I’m not suggesting anything change because of it.  For all of you people who are livid over this, what’s happening in the NFL, the integrity of the game.  Well, how about the integrity of the presidential election?  How about the integrity of the American way of life? 

Here’s part of Limbaugh’s rant, courtesy of The Daily Rushbo:

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