Rush Limbaugh Completely Melted Down Over The Obamacare Decision

Rush Limbaugh, as you might imagine, was not pleased at the Supreme Court’s decision that upheld the Affordable Care Act on Thursday

He railed against the Supreme Court on his radio show Thursday, blasting John Roberts and saying that America had “been betrayed and deceived by the Supreme Court. He said it was the “largest tax increase in the history of the world.”

“What has been upheld here is fraud, and the Internal Revenue Service has just become Barack Obama’s domestic army,” Limbaugh said. “That is what we face now. We were deceived. Obamacare was a lie. It was a stealth tax on all Americans, and nobody knew it until today. Not officially. Obama told George Stephanopoulos it wasn’t a tax. And Stephanopoulos was trouble-making for trying to suggest otherwise.”

He summed it all up with a shot at the Supreme Court’s week overall, in which the court upheld Obamacare and overturned three key provisions in Arizona’s immigration law

“Between the Arizona and Obamacare decisions, America is a very different concept than it was just a week ago,” Limbaugh said. “In the United States of America, you either purchase what central authorities tell you to purchase or they will punish you with taxes. In America, states are not allowed to fully protect their citizens from the slow-motion invasion across their borders.”

Listen below: 

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