RUSH LIMBAUGH: Obama's Immigration Policy Is 'A Dictator's Wet Dream'

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday, of President Barack Obama’s new policy on immigration, that it’s a “dictator’s wet dream to do what Obama’s doing.” 

“If he doesn’t agree with the law, voila, it’s no longer enforced,” Limbaugh said. “It may as well not even exist.”

Last week, Obama announced he would stop deporting and start granting work permits to young immigrants without a criminal record, policies that closely mirror the DREAM Act, a law stalled in Congress.

“If we have laws on the books that the federal law is not going to enforce, regarding immigration, why should election law be enforced?” Limbaugh said, gesticulating his points with cigar in hand.

Limbaugh even suggested — wrongly — that Obama could “decide” president’s term limits are “no longer relevant.”

“What if Obama decides that the 22nd Amendment is no longer relevant? Limiting presidents to two terms, what if just decides it’s not relevant any more?”

Listen to the entire segment below:

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