If Rush Limbaugh Hates Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity Campaign He'd Really Freak Out Over These Public Service Announcements

NYC PSA drinking fat

Photo: NYC Health Department

And Rush is angry about a few little ribs. Lucky for him he doesn’t take the NYC subway.

New York City’s latest PSA has been stirring up headlines and churning stomachs.

For those who had never before connected soda to brown, rotting diabetes-infected toes, well now you can.

Rooted in the Ad Council’s World War II campaigns to drum up citizen support, PSA’s have taken on the evils of forest fires, cigarettes, drugs, and now sugar. 

Let’s take a look at the most memorable PSA’s in our collective media vault.

But please proceed with caution…especially if you are Rush Limbaugh.

Do You Drink 93 Sugar Packets a Day?

Man Drinks Fat New York City Health Department Anti Soda NYC Health Eating sugar

Mmm, chunky fat drippings. This PSA launched in September 2009 to combat obesity from soda. Cheers!

NYS: Lung Surgery / No Smoking

Some more gag-inducing visuals brought to you by the New York State Health Department.

This is Your Brain on Drugs

In the 1980s, we first learned that drug use can induce a greasy breakfast.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America launched this nationwide PSA in 1987.

A Message from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Perhaps it's the stress of saving a galaxy. R2-D2, how could you?

I'm Not a Chicken. You're a Turkey.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AND the bully who's really a turkey! Cowabunga!

The ancient animation from this anti-marijuana PSA from the American Medical Association teaches us that 'The human brain after all is for thinking. Not fumigating.'

The Crash Test Dummies

We met Vince & Larry, the Crash Test Dummies, in 1985, and we learned that we could learn a lot from a dummy.

In 1979, the National Crime Prevention Council and the Ad Council introduced McGruff the Crime Dog who indeed took a bite out of crime.

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Launched in 1944, Smokey Bear's Forest Fire Prevention campaign is the longest running campaign in Ad Council history. The slogan changed to focus on wildfires after an outbreak of wildfires in 2000.

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