RUSH LIMBAUGH: 'It's Up To Me And Fox News' To Stop Immigration Reform

Rush Limbaugh

Photo: AP

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday that it’s “up to me and Fox News” to halt planned immigration reform proposed earlier in the day by a bipartisan group of Senators. Limbaugh said that any immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship would amount to amnesty, but that there wouldn’t be much Republican opposition to it.

“It’s up to me and Fox News, and I don’t think Fox News is that invested in this. I don’t think there’s any Republican opposition to this of any majority consequence or size. We’ll have to wait and see and find out.  But this is one of those, just keep plugging away, plugging away, plugging away until you finally beat down the opposition,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh’s comments were a reference to a suggestion by President Barack Obama that Limbaugh and Fox News were part of the reason compromise is a “dirty” word in Washington.

“I’m gonna tell you, folks, I am not paid enough,” Limbaugh said. “If Fox News and I are the only thing keeping the Republicans from caving to Barack Obama on every issue, I’m not paid enough.”

On Monday afternoon, the group of Senators unveiled legislation that would overhaul the U.S.’s current immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the country.

Marco Rubio, one of the Senators proposing the framework of the bill, has taken his case for reform to numerous conservative commentators in the last few weeks. Two prominent conservatives — Mark Levin and Fox News’ Sean Hannity — have been swayed by Rubio’s plan.

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