Rush Limbaugh Trashes FOX News For Sucking Up To ‘Mainstream Media’ During GOP Debate

Rush Limbaugh

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Want to get a sense of how bad the infighting is on the political right? Look no further than Rush Limbaugh‘s reaction to Thursday night’s Fox-hosted GOP debate.

Limbaugh was upset by, yes, the candidates tearing each other apart.  In particular Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty.

“My gosh, does nobody on this panel remember that we’re running against Obama? What is this business that these guys are trying to tear each other up?…Fox wants these people to tear each other up. Cause they want approval from the mainstream media, cause that’s what the mainstream media would do.”

That Fox News, which trumps every other cable channel in ratings every single month, is not the mainstream media is a point apparently lost on Rush. 

Limbaugh was especially angry about Byron York asking Bachmann to define what it meant to be submissive to her husband: “Now I guarantee you, I guarantee you that the favourite journalist of the mainstream media today is Byron York.”  Indeed.