RUSH LIMBAUGH: Fox News Viewers Aren’t Uninformed, It’s Just The Rest Of The World Is STUPID

Rush Limbaugh

In the course of going to bat for Fox head Roger Ailes — who has been the subject of two big cover stories this week — Rush Limbaugh tore apart the results of a recent poll about Fox News viewers.

In Rolling Stone‘s article entitled ‘How Roger Ailes built the Fox News Fear Factory’ author Tim Dickinson writes:

“The result of this concerted campaign of disinformation is a viewership that knows almost nothing about what’s going on in the world. According to recent polls, Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of all news consumers. They are 12 percentage points more likely to believe the stimulus package caused job losses, 17 points more likely to believe Muslims want to establish Shariah law in America, 30 points more likely to say that scientists dispute global warming, and 31 points more likely to doubt President Obama’s citizenship. In fact, a study by the University of Maryland reveals, ignorance of Fox viewers actually increases the longer they watch the network. That’s because Ailes isn’t interested in providing people with information, or even a balanced range of perspectives. Like his political mentor, Richard Nixon, Ailes traffics in the emotions of victimization.” 

The poll Dickinson is referring to came out last December and drew exactly those conclusions — they are not, as Rush suggests, the conclusions of Dickinson.

Regardless, Rush believes that the real conclusions to be taken from this study is not that Fox viewers are uninformed, but that non-Fox News viewers just haven’t caught up to reality yet.  Meaning: Muslims really do want to establish Sharia law, there is no such thing as Global Warming, etc.

He neglects to touch on the Birther conclusions.  Naturally, it’s the Rolling Stone readers who are the “kooks.”  Audio below.