The Banker Accused Of Killing 2 Sex Workers In Hong Kong Had A Complicated Love Life

Rurik JuttingReutersRurik Jutting in police custody in Hong Kong.

Rurik Jutting, the 29-year-old former Bank of America employee accused of killing two sex workers in his Hong Kong apartment, has a long line of former girlfriends, from Europe to Asia.

Yesterday, it was reported that Jutting had been jilted by a former fiancee. But it seems that Jutting did not lack for girlfriends. His exes include:

  • A bikini model who pours milkshake over herself in YouTube videos.
  • A Goldman Sachs employee to whom he was engaged (but she saw another man).
  • A fashion student.
  • A “string of beautiful Asian girls,” as the Mail puts it.
  • A friend of one of the Asian girlfriends who now claims she was his girlfriend at the time of the killings.
Sonya Loretta Dyer, a former girlfriend of Rurik Jutting.YouTube / Candymag UKSonya Loretta Dyer.

The bikini model was interviewed by The Telegraph:

Sonya Loretta Dyer, who sometimes goes by the pseudonym ‘Sonya Milkshake’, was dating Mr Jutting for ‘several years’ before his arrest this week

… She has also appeared in a suggestive video for the magazine in 2010, in which she danced in a metallic bikini top and skirt, with milkshake poured down her face and cleavage suggestively.

Sarah Butt was the former fiance. They met when the pair worked at Barclays in London. After they broke up, he ended up working for BofA while she now works for Goldman Sachs, The Telegraph said.

Rurik JuttingRurik Jutting / FacebookRurik Jutting poses with Ariane Guarin.

One of his Asian girlfriends was Ariane Guarin, also known as Yanie, who seems to be the woman pictured with him on a photo posted to Facebook. But The Mail says Guarin’s friend also thought she was dating him:

But Jutting’s complex love life took another twist when a friend of Miss Guarin’s told MailOnline she was his current girlfriend.

Speaking to MailOnline from Quezon City in the Philippines, the woman said she had been in a relationship with him for two months, and last spoke to him on October 20 — 11 days before he was arrested.

The Mail also cites “a stunning British fashion student“:

Jutting is also believed to have dated glamorous British fashion student Sonya Dyer, 29, once said to have described him as her ‘hubby’. Asked about him at her flat in West London last night, she tearfully declined to comment.

Photos of Jutting in the British media show that just a few years ago, when he was a student at Cambridge, he was a thin man who looks almost nothing like the overweight Jutting taken into custody at the weekend. The Mail also says Jutting may have been depressed before he took home the two sex workers, killing them both and nearly decapitating one:

‘He told me that he had financial problems and some issues with stuff. Last October he told me that he tried to kill himself. I think he tried to kill himself because he’s under pressure with his job. He was depressed.’ She added: ‘He liked a variety of sex, two or three girls. He was never violent towards me.’

Jutting earned six figures, so we know he had money to take care of all his girlfriends. His rent was £3,000 a month.

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