Rupert Murdoch's Well-Timed Tweets Are Providing A Distraction To The Phone Hacking Case Engulfing News Corp.

rupert murdochAre Murdoch’s latest tweets taking the media storm off News Corp.’s back?

Photo: AP / Twitter

Rupert Murdoch has been tweeting a lot lately from everything to Prince Harry to his thoughts on the popular anti-Barack Obama documentary.While Murdoch‘s recent tweets have been gaining media attention, the  mogul may have another reason to be talking about anything but his troubled News Corp. 

His latest tweet storm comes during new arrests in his News Corp. scandal that not only deals with phone hacking, but now, potentially computer hacking as well

This morning Bloomberg reported British newspapers arrested two ex-employees suspected in separate cases of phone hacking and computer hacking.

From Bloomberg: 

“The phone-hacking scandal could be eclipsed by Rupert Murdoch’s unexploded bomb of computer hacking,” Labour Party lawmaker Tom Watson, who sat on a committee probing News Corp., said in an e-mail today. “It’s infecting all his U.K. titles already and the investigation has only really just begun.”

In addition, former head lawyer of Murdoch’s “News of the World,” Tom Crone, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to intercept communications

If this is true, Murdoch may want to keep tweeting away. 

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