Rupert Murdoch Slammed After Saying Muslims 'Must Be Held Responsible' For 'Growing Jihadist Cancer'

Rupert MurdochREUTERS/David GreyRupert Murdoch

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is getting slammed on Twitter after making controversial statements about Muslims in light of the France terror attacks.

The News Corp. CEO seemed to suggest that all Muslims, even those who don’t support extremist views, should have to answer for those who carry out terror attacks.

He tweeted:

France was hit with a spate of terror attacks last week, including a shooting massacre at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and two hostage situations in and around Paris.

The suspects who allegedly perpetrated the attacks were all affiliated with the same terror cell that once funneled young Muslims from France into Iraq to fight American troops during the occupation.

Among those blasting Murdoch’s remarks on Twitter were author J.K. Rowling and actor/comedian Aziz Ansari.

Both pointed out the hypocrisy in his statements:

Ansari went on a full-blown Twitter rant:

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