Rupert Murdoch Wants PM’s Chief Of Staff Peta Credlin To Go

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Rupert Murdoch is at it again, tweeting exactly what he thinks.

This time it’s his take on Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his staff, namely his chief of staff Peta Credlin.

It’s been a horror week for Abbott after his captain’s pick of Prince Philip for knighthood on Australia Day was met with backlash internally and from the Australian public. Some have argued it was Credlin’s job to advise Abbott against the decision.

Northern Territory chief minister Adam Giles said he “thought it was April Fool’s Day” and that it makes the knighthood “a bit of a joke”.

Federal Liberal MP Warren Entsch was also quoted in The Australian saying: “I don’t think it was a smart call and I am not going to pretend to endorse it”.

Here’s what Murdoch tweeted today:

Shortly after he followed with this:

Then came this:

In a Telegraph column today, Miranda Devine said Credlin was being blamed for the Prince Philip knighthood debacle and suggested Credlin be moved out of the job and replaced by News Corp’s columnist Chris Kenny.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin. Image: Screenshot.

It was Abbott’s decision but it’s the job of the chief of staff, who he has been known to call the Boss, to stop him from making such a blunder.

Credlin’s replacement should be the person she didn’t want to hire as head of communications strategy, ­despite various entreaties from high-level media and political figures: Chris Kenny.

Abbott today said before he made the decision to appoint Prince Philip a knight, he consulted with the Governor-General and the chairman of the Order of Australia Council. But after widespread disagreement with his decision he said in future he will consult with more parties.

“In the end this is my call and I’m happy to take these things on the chin,” he said.

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