Rupert Murdoch's Newspapers Are Spying On Each Other

rebekah brooks

Well, the whole News Of The World phone-hacking scandal just took a rather amusing turn.

The Independent reports that Rebekah Brooks, former editor of The Sun, was one of the victims. Private detective Glenn Mulcaire, working on behalf of News reporters, hacked her phone “more than 20 times.”

Considering the big names in the story — Sienna Miller, Jude Law, etc. — Brooks, a relatively minor figure, wouldn’t normally be news. Except that in addition to editing The Sun, Brooks previously served as an editor at NotW, the very paper accused of spying on her.

“We can confirm that Rebekah Brooks was recently shown documents by the police that proved she was a victim of illegal voicemail interception,” a News International spokeswoman told The Independent.

Brooks became a figure of interest to the paper in November 2005 after she was arrested for alleged assault on her then-husband.

The 43-year-old is currently the chief executive of News International.

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