Rupert Murdoch Shocks With Announcement He’s Advocating Education


Is Rupert Murdoch getting soft in his old age?

Michael Wolffthe man’s biographer — believes so.

AdWeek‘s head is reporting from the eG8 summit and wonders why the media mogul who famously frowns upon those with college educations was on stage advocating how the digital revolution “can transform young minds.”

Did his wife Wendi and his children convince him to take up a cause?

Perhaps Murdoch really hopes to affect change in the education system, which he dramatically but accurately calls the “last holdout from the digital revolution.

But there is another, more cynical explanation that Wolff did not bother to mention.

From the Guardian:

“News Corp moved into the $500bn (£310bn) US education sector in late 2010, paying about $360m in cash for 90% of technology company Wireless Generation, which provides mobile and web software to enable teachers to use data to assess student progress and deliver personalised learning.”

Knowing News Corp has a very vested stake in the future of education in the US certainly changes the rosy view of his words, doesn’t it?