MSNBC Anchor Obliterates Rupert Murdoch

martin bashir

Martin Bashir is not happy with Rupert Murdoch and he is not afraid to state his case.

He went after the media baron in a lengthy “Clear the Air” segment at the end of his show on Tuesday.

The entire four-minute bit targeted Murdoch, but the real fireworks came at the end.

“Mr. Murdoch is a disturbing example of when government falls on its knees and gets out of the way. An unelected media baron begins to dominate media discourse, even to the point of determining an outcome of a general election. As British politicians finally wake up to what has happened to their democracy, let’s hope Mr. Murdoch is never allowed to do the same thing in this country. Thanks very much for watching.”

(Our favourite part, aside from the entire thing, is when Dylan Ratigan jumps on and fully supports his colleague).


 Video below (first the short clip, then the longer one).

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