Rupert Murdoch Has Now Officially Offended Everybody Since His Return To Twitter

Rupert Murdoch should hurt himself more often.

Not that we wish the media mogul any ill will in a physical sense, just that those days he was laid up with a bad back earlier this year seem to have sparked an urgency to ramp up the offensiveness of his tweets.

Up until January 25, Murdoch had only tweeted twice in 2014, after signing off 2013 with this sentimental Xmas message:

A worrying gap for his fans opened up between January 25 and February 9, but Murdoch returned in style, offending fans of grammar and Wendi Deng’s “love letter” to Tony Blair, published a week earlier.

Since then, he’s been in top form, marking a high yesterday with a crack at LGBTs who like a pint of Guinness.

Also, while we’ve broken his tweets down into the various groups he’s offended, you can assume “And any sane, rational human being” is added by default.

March 17 – The LGBT community:

March 9 – Muslims

February 25 – Victims of Catholic child abuse

February 18 – Climate change believers

February 9 – Spotify subscribers, Jambox owners and people who cringe when grandad talks about the same tech they use.

A Twitter troll at the height of his powers, as shown by the 498,000 people who follow him purely to post hate-filled replies, and Piers Morgan, his fan.

And it’s only March.

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