Murdoch, Iger, Bewkes & Dauman Speak Out In Response To Sandy

Rupert Murdoch
Murdoch’s News Corp. donated $1 million to hurricane victims and urged other companies to do the same.

Bob Iger, Jeff Bewkes, Rupert Murdoch and Philippe Dauman each helm huge media conglomerates—and this week they’re using their power for good.While Time Warner, Viacom and News Corp. each donated $1 million to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, Disney CEO Bob Iger pledged the most with a $2 million donation.

Why give so much? Time Warner CEO, Jeff Bewkes, says “New York City is our corporate home,” while Newscorp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said “Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones.”

Read the CEOs’ statements below, and see how much each conglomerate pledged to help victims of the hurricane:

Robert (Bob) Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co.:

Donated: $2 million to Sandy relief efforts. The company split the donation into two parts—$1 million for immediate relief efforts will go to the American Red Cross and $1 million will be for organisations focused on rebuilding efforts.

Statement: “It’s hard to fathom the devastation from this storm. Thousands of people in the hurricane’s path lost everything and face the daunting challenge of putting their lives and communities back together. We hope this helps provide immediate aid needed to get through this disaster and begin the road to recovery.”

Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner chairman and CEO:

Donated: $1 million to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts–$500,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and another $500,000 to other organisations serving victims in the tri-state area.

Statement: “New York City is our corporate home, the home to thousands of our employees, and the location for so many of our film and television productions. We feel a special kinship with all those who have been affected by this devastating storm. Time Warner and its employees have always responded in selfless and generous ways to help those in need, and we hope that our contributions will help people to rebuild and recover.”

Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. Chairman and CEO:

Donated: $1 million to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. The donation will be divided into $500,000 for the Mayor’s Fund for NYC, and another $500,000 for relief in New Jersey.

Statement: “Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and those families coping with this tremendous natural disaster. But we are also heartened by the stories of communities pulling together, with neighbours helping neighbours through this difficult time. I sincerely hope many other companies will also be able to provide assistance to families and communities in need of help.”

Philippe Dauman, Viacom President and Chief Executive Officer:

Donated: $1 million to the cause—splitting the million between the Mayor’s Fund for NYC and local relief groups in Connecticut, Long Island , New Jersey and Westchester County.

Statement: “The devastation from Hurricane Sandy is unprecedented and has left so many struggling to rebuild their lives. Viacom has always had a strong relationship with the communities it serves and we are proud to step forward once again to help those in need.  In addition to these efforts, Viacom’s media brands are mobilizing behind Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in ways that are most impactful and meaningful for their audiences.”

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