A Closer Look At Rupert Murdoch’s Role In The Possible Break Up The UK

Rupert Murdoch

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Rupert Murdoch seems to have something of a love/hate affair with the UK.On one hand, its the place where he made his legend, and his love for his British newspapers seems to go far beyond all economic sense.

On the other hand, it may well be the place that ruins his empire thanks to that whole “phone-hacking” business.

Lately, Murdoch seems to be leaning towards the latter. One of his first actions on Twitter was to rip the country’s finances.

However, another early tweet from Murdoch also caught many people’s attention — a note giving his support for the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Alex Salmond.

Now, with an independent Scotland possibly on the cards, we wonder what role exactly Murdoch and News Corp have played in that situation.

Way back in July, LeftFoodForward posted 25 questions for Salmond online. The questions are clearly directed at the SNP’s relationship with News Corp — with details of meetings with James Murdoch demanded, amongst other details about advertising and funding requested. Salmond initially balked at responding.

Eventually, under pressure from multiple sources, Salmond released some of his correspondence with Murdoch. It turned out to be especially fawning: “I hope that News International goes from strength to strength,” he said in one correspondence. Critics described it as a “four year campaign” to “seduce Rupert Murdoch”.

That campaign seems to have worked. Not only does Murdoch (of Scottish ancestry, by the way) seem to personally support Salmond, but his Scottish papers were crucial in his election to office.

So, if Scotland does become independent, we’ll have to wonder exactly what role Murdoch’s personal will played in it all. In the UK its long been known that he could make or break governments — but can he make or break countries as well?