rumours CNET's Founder Is Going Broke Won't Go Away

halsey minor

Reports keep surfacing that CNET cofounder Halsey Minor is going broke.

First PeHUB reported on a $60 million series of lawsuits over art deals gone bad.

Then an aeroplane-maker sued Halsey over missed payments.

Then a startup investment, 8020 Media, went bust.  An anonymous reader also tells us that Halsey’s VC firm, Minor Ventures, is “starved for cash,” which we haven’t been able to verify.

Last year, Portfolio magazine produced a glamorous profile on Halsey titled “The Baddest Boy in Silicon Valley.” It detailed many of Halsey’s expenditures and Valleywag neatly rounded them up in bullet points. Here’s that:

  • A divorce which cost him roughly half of the $100 million fortune he walked away from CNET with, as well as the $300 million he made as an investor in
  • An estate in Charlottesville, Va.
  • A $15.3 million plantation in Williamsburg, Va.
  • A $20 million home in Bel Air, which he’s been trying to sell without success; it’s now listed at $11.4 million.
  • A $22 million house in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighbourhood, for which he’d hired celebrity designer Michael Smith to oversee a $15 million makeover.
  • A $30 million luxury hotel development in downtown Charlottesville, now on hold amidst a lawsuit.
  • A $3 million deposit on the $58.5 million Gulfstream G650 jet.
  • A modern art collection, including several works by Richard Prince, whose estimated value runs into the tens of millions of dollars.
  • A host of startups under the umbrella of his investment firm, Minor Ventures. One of them, 8020 Media, flamed out spectacularly earlier this year.

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