rumours: Brett Favre Will Pay Naked Crotch Shot Recipient Jenn Sterger To Keep Quiet

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Will Vikings quarterback Brett Favre pay for Jenn Sterger’s silence?Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio makes a pretty strong case:

Some may balk at speculation that Favre has made the prudent decision to write a check aimed at securing a release all legal claims and a commitment to full confidentiality.  (On Friday, John Clayton of ESPN suggested in a Phoenix radio interview that the unexpected delay in the investigation was aimed at giving Favre a chance to buy silence.)  Still, the fact that Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, has issued a statement that Sterger wants a “proper resolution” that is in her “best interest” undoubtedly means that she didn’t simply decide that the “proper resolution” in her “best interest” consisted of walking away.

Given Reese’s statement, the logical conclusion is that Sterger and Favre treated this matter like a business transaction and worked out a deal.  Under such a deal (if there is one), Sterger gets paid, she doesn’t sue, and she will talk to no one absent a subpoena or some other legal compulsion that likely never will come (unless, of course, one of the two massage therapists who allegedly were propositioned by Favre end up suing him).  Because the NFL has no authority to force non-league employees to cooperate with an internal investigation, the Favre investigation would proceed without any input from Sterger.

And that would make it impossible for the league to determine that Favre engaged in sexual harassment.   Favre could simply tell [NFL Security] that all conduct and behaviour between Favre and Sterger was consensual and welcome, and the NFL would be unable to prove otherwise.

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