rumour: Yahoo Is About To Fire Its Smartest Innovators

Tim Morse Jerry Yang Scott Thompson first day Yahoo

Photo: Yahoo Advertising via Facebook

Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily is reporting Yahoo is about to fire members of its Yahoo Research arm, which is built with the goal of “Inventing the Future of the Internet.”The company is firing at least the New York team of researchers, and possibly he entire division, at the end of the month, according to sources which are unnamed in the PandoDaily report.

The good news is Google, Facebook and other companies are looking to acquire the team after it is let go, Lacy reports. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, is personally courting them, she said.

Yahoo Research is a collection of academics and researchers — much like Hewlett-Packard’s HP Labs and IBM Research. They are basically paid to come up with brand new, cutting-edge ideas.

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