World Of Warcraft Studio Blizzard May Be Working On New Franchise

There’s probably no gaming studio on the planet with a more devoted following and reputation for quality than Blizzard, part of Activision (ATVI).

So this report piqued our interest. It spotted a job listing (no longer up) at Blizzard for a brand new gaming franchise.

For those keep track, that would be the fifth major Blizzard title in the works, after:

  • Starcraft II
  • Diablo III
  • New World of Warcraft expansion
  • ‘Next-Gen MMO’, possibly World of Warcraft 2 (helmed by WoW veteran Jeff Kaplan)
  • This

If Blizz really is working on a fifth game (especially if it ends in -craft, like Warcraft and Starcraft), it could very well develop into a significant new revenue stream for Activision.

Wouldn’t be out for years, though.

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