Forbes Staffers Worry About Another Huge Shakeup And Layoffs

Is there more bad news brewing at Forbes?

We’ve been hearing from insiders that there are rumours of another potential shake-up at the magazine — that more layoffs are coming, this time including editors and not just the rank-and-file.

This comes as many Forbes staffers move buildings this week—many for the second time in about a year—a few blocks down Fifth Avenue, back to the old Forbes Magazine building at 60 Fifth Ave. (In January, the NY Post’s Keith Kelly reported the move was planned; it has been going on this week.)

Forbes, whose ad pages dropped more than 30% in 2009, has had two rounds of layoffs in the past year as it combined magazine and web staffs — one last April, and another in October.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Forbes had recently hired back six previously laid-off staff writers as freelancers, and was making them file more copy than ever.

Forbes also recently hired True/Slant CEO Lewis Dvorkin as a web and editorial consultant. He’ll be working on another redesign for; we hear production staff veterans are nervous they’re not going to be involved.

Bigger picture: whoever is in charge of Forbes has to figure out a new web strategy that’s even further removed from the one it had been using to rake in cash for years—creating mainstream feature stories that get linked to from Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other huge web portals.

We’ve heard that it’s getting increasingly harder for Forbes to get those big links in from big portals, especially from AOL and Yahoo, which are both putting a lot of money into their own editorial projects.  According to a former staffer, these links used to account for a large percentage of Forbes’ traffic.

We have an email out to Forbes and will update if we hear back.

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