There's A rumour Going Around That Legendary Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones Just Called The Top

Paul Tudor Jones

We saw this weird tweet go out this morning about PTJ calling a top.

It started with Doug Kass, who tweeted

i am hearing that hedgehogger paul tudor jones is calling for a rally in bonds and a sell off in stock now $$

It got re-tweeted like mad and now Zerohedge has noted that the market looks like Bernanke just said he thought the dollar hit a bottom. 

We’ve reached out to the fund for comment.

Zerohedge heard from Tudor’s PR firm that:

“Paul Tudor Jones did not issue report on S&P500 or bonds, according to Abernathy MacGregor, public relations firm representing Tudor Jones.”

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FWIW, here’s some interesting twitter commentary about the rumour:

@fundmyfunds: Paul Tudor Jones – aka Anti Tepper

@stockmarket_kid: Kass seems to be squeezed, sweating to cover! Now he’s pushing rumour of Paul Tudor Jones. get everyone to sell. Love it.

also @stockmarket_kid: @jimcramer Can’t Kass go back to making money the “fair” way? without cheating and spreading rumours to create panic? Ruining his legacy! 

@zortrades: rumour that Paul Tudor Jones is calling a top, all we need is Tony Robbins to relay that message..

also @zortrades: if that Paul Tudor Jones call is true. tony robbins needs to double up

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