rumour: Next Xbox Won’t Let You Play Used Games

They won’t be happy.

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Microsoft is thinking about building technology into the next Xbox that wil prevent gamers from playing used games.That’s according to gaming industry news site Kotaku. The site’s sources weren’t exactly sure how this would work, but Microsoft already uses a process called activation to prevent users from installing a single copy of Windows or Office on more than one PC, so a similar process could be applied  Xbox games as well.

The console will also ship with a new version of Kinect with an on-board processor to make motion-detection more efficient, and will have a Blu-ray player, finally catching up to Sony’s PlayStation 3, according to the report.

Microsoft refused to support Blu-ray at first because it was partly owned by Sony, and released an add-on drive on Toshiba’s HD DVD format instead. But Blu-ray won the format war, and lack of Blu-ray support is now a glaring gap.

Kotaku says that the console will be out in 2014 but some recent rumours said that chips were already in production for a 2013 release.