rumour: Baidu MobileOS Coming By Year-End

According to local reportBaidu is stealthily developing its own Mobile OS(codenamed Qiushi which means fruits in autumn) which is based around Android and will be released by year-end. Baidu dismissed the rumour by referring Qiushi to an under-developing mobile ad product.


Currently there’re several Android-based mobile OS in China, among which the most famous and prospective ones are DianxinOS(an Innovation Works member) and MIUI (byXiaomi Tech), both are well-funded and talent-equipped. Dianxin founder Zhang Lei founded and headed Baidu Wireless business. While MIUI seems popular both in and out of China, with several global fans clubs in USUKGermanyItalySpainAustraliaRussiaand more.


Baidu VP Ren Xuyang once commented that “Mobile internet is an important component of our future strategies. Baidu is hoping to play a key role in the mobile internet field, partnering with operators, Content Producers, mobile vendors and software developers to push forward the industry development. ” And if Baidu want to achieve that grand goal, taking care of Mobile OS will be a shortcut.


That’s exactly what Xiaomi Tech is thinking about and working on. The mobile-focused startup is reportedly launching its very own handsets featuring pre-installed MIUI mobile OS. Xiaomi mobile phone was rumoured to be OEMed by MOTO, equipping with Qualcomm 8 Series Dual-core 1.5G CPU, Sharp display with a resolution of 480 X 854. Xiaomi investor Leijun, an famous angel investor who used to be the president and CEO of Chinese software vendor Kingsoft, dismissed such rumour but inviting more imagination by not giving any further explanations.


Baidu’s Mobile Strategies


As of today, Baidu has invested a lot in mobile internet area. The Chinese search giant set up Mobile Internet Business in last July, coming up with some attractive mobile products including mobile input methodZhangbai (Baidu mobile service aggregator), Baidu mobile mapsmobile browsermobile search and so on.


But these products were currently scattered over Baidu mobile initiatives, the company need a certain kind of service or product to integrate all those mobile services. And Baidu’s home-made mobile OS can serve well that purpose. Anyone who come with a Baidu mobile OS preinstalled handset will have instant access to all Baidu mobile offerings, seamlessly and intuitively. This is a big boost to Baidu’s mobile internet strategies to take over more market shares.

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