RUMOUR: Apple Put In A Gigantic Order For The IPhone 6

Here’s your morning gossip on the iPhone 6 from Asia.

Taiwan’s “Business Weekly” is reporting that Apple told suppliers to make 68 million iPhone 6 units. We saw this posted at GforGames via MacRumors. We’ve never heard of Taiwan’s Business Weekly. So, we can’t vouch for its track record.

This is a big number, but it’s not outlandish. Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley said Apple’s orders for the iPhone 6 were 20% higher than for the iPhone 5S. Apple sold 51 million iPhones in the December quarter of 2013 when it released the iPhone 5S. So, Huberty is predicting 61.2 million.

If Apple ordered 68 million units, and sold them all, it would be a 33% jump in sales.

The iPhone 6 is expected to come in two sizes — a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen. The iPhone is currently 4-inches. Apple is the only smartphone maker with a phone that small. Everyone else has bumped to a bigger screen size.

As a result, analysts believe consumer demand for the iPhone 6 is going to be off the charts. If this report is accurate, it seems Apple also thinks demand is going to be off the charts.

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