Major Department Store Announces Rules To Prevent Abuse By Santas

bad santa

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One of Britain’s leading department stores has been introduced draconian rules for its Father Christmases and how he interacts with children, it was reported today.Officials at Harrods have reportedly told workers they must keep their palms on show at all times during a child’s visit in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal.

Other changes introduced by the upmarket store, in Knightsbridge, central London, has installed CCTV in its grotto and ensuring there is an elf there at all times.

Meanwhile, children can only sit on Santa’s with the permission of their parents, the Daily Mirror reported.

“It is political correctness gone mad,” a source told the newspaper yesterday.

“But following all the press coverage of Jimmy Savile, bosses felt they could take no chances and decided to take out strict preventative measures.

“They couldn’t risk nervous parents misconstruing anything.”

They added: “Not surprisingly, poor Father Christmas feels incredibly restricted in what he can and cannot say; he wouldn’t have these problems in Lapland.”

A visit to the grotto at Harrods costs £10. Children are encouraged to share Christmas lists with Santa and are given a gift at the end.

Parents can also buy a photo of the visit for a further £9. A spokesman for Harrods declined to comment yesterday.