Jeremy Corbyn’s reason for missing the Rugby World Cup opening will win him votes

Corbyn rugby
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with constituents. Daisy Barber/Facebook

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the left-wing party Labour, was slammed by the Conservative party and some members of the media and the public for turning down the offer of VIP seats at a the opening game of the Rugby World Cup on Friday.

Conservative minister Mike Penning said: “As a rugby nut who’d go anywhere to see England play, I cannot believe anybody, let alone the Leader of the Opposition, would not support our country.”

While Conservative MP Damian Collins joined in and said: “He should be there to support England and cheer on his country – it is a snub and people won’t understand why he has turned it down.”

However, Corbyn actually did something that will win the votes of many people after it was revealed on Facebook that his “prior commitments” was to meet his constituents during one of his weekly appointments.

In Britain, MPs should meet with the local people who voted them in to help them with regional or national issues that they need a politician to help them with. 

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PostbyDaisy Barber.

Corbyn, the new, radical left-wing leader of the Labour Party, is causing a headache for the right-wing Conservative government at the moment.

While the self-professed Republican got a huge amount of flak for declining to sing the national anthem at an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which was seen as an insensitive snub, he got used his first appearance at the Prime Minister’s Questions to ask questions on behalf of his constituents

He has also made it clear how much he hates the “theatrics” of parliament and the treatment from the media.

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