Rugby Fans Are Passing Around This Vintage Wallabies Try Featuring Two Huge Tackles

The Wallabies won their fourth straight Test overnight, beating Wales 30-26 in a thriller in Cardiff.

It was a pulsating final game for the Australians’ northern tour. More than 50 points scored is always a crowd-pleaser and rugby fans are passing around this one highlight from the end of the first half, which ends in an Israel Folau try.

It’s classic Test match union, with the Wallabies starting their attack from a line-out that moves into a maul before the ball is moved quickly out wide.

Ball carriers Adam Ashley-Cooper and Ben Mowen are both on the receiving end of bone-crunching tackles from the Welsh defenders that drive them backwards to the gasps of the crowd.

The try then comes from a vintage back’s finish as Folau scoots under two defenders to plant the ball and score. Push-and-pull rugby can be dull at times but the game also produces great moments of action like this.

We first saw it on RugbyDump, and it’s added around 10,000 views in the past couple of hours.

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