America's Sexiest Classic Barbershop Just Got Itself A New York City Location

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What do you get when you combine a simple shave and a haircut with hoteliers known for their meticulous attention to detail and eye for design?The stylish and incredibly hip Rudy’s Barbershop — a company known for everything from its perfect haircuts to sponsoring local community groups, like L.A. bicycle gang, the Chubby Boob Nerd Crew.

Founded by the owners of The Ace Hotel, one of New York City’s premier restaurant and nightlife establishments, Rudy’s is known on the west coast (L.A., Portland, and Seattle) for combining a classic, relaxing barbershop experience with a modern, creative identity all its own.

A New York City location just opened up next to The Ace Hotel in Gramercy last month, and the retail space above it opened yesterday afternoon.

We took a tour to see if the space was as cool, and the experience as transcendental as some have said. See for yourself.

Rudy's is located on 29th Street between Broadway and 5th Avenues, right next to The Ace Hotel.

Normally, the barbershop (which also serves women) is inside a hotel, but since The Ace is in a land marked building, that was impossible this time around.

That just gave designers room to give the shop more of its own character though, this brass door is from an old NYC high rise.

Inside, you get the same sense of New York vintage design mixed with the tradition of a classic barbershop.

The vestiges of an age when men sat down to get a close shave are everywhere.

Especially in the shop's tools — FYI they use Andis Masters and Oster 76 razors.

Some stylists relocated to NYC from other Rudy's locations, new hires had to undergo a special training program.

Trims cost around $10 and prices top out at around $80-$100 for bigger jobs. A simple buzz is $17.

But Rudy's isn't just known for cutting hair — this stylist is wearing a t-shirt from an event they sponsored for an LA bicycle gang called the Chubby Boob Nerd Crew.

The shop has partnered with Dan Savage's 'It Gets Better Campaign' too.

Converting their shop was a boost for the community in itself, it was rubble before they spruced it up. This nook here used to be an elevator shaft.

Now the elevator's in the back courtyard. Rudy's plans to restore both the elevator and the courtyard for community use.

To furnish the shop, designers reclaimed furniture from across the city (these cabinets came from an old lab in Brooklyn).

Upstairs, there's a retail space that Rudy's plans to use as a pop up space for partners (among other things)

For now it holds awesome knick-knacks, accessories, and clothes found around the city.

From funky bow-ties.

To vintage reading materials.

Now that you've got a new haircut, how about some style tips?

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