Rudy Giuliani can’t decide whether he wants Trump to answer more questions for Mueller

  • Rudy Giuliani changed his position twice Thursday over whether President Donald Trump would give more answers to Robert Mueller’s investigators.
  • Trump has already answered some questions in writing in November, but hasn’t answered questions related to obstruction of justice.
  • Giuliani told The Hill Thursday that Trump won’t give more answers, after telling The Daily Beast he would.

Rudy Giuliani can’t decide whether his client President Donald Trump will give answers to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators again.

In the past week, Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers in the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference, has changed his position twice.

On November 20, Trump’s legal team announced they sent written answers to the special counsel in response to some questions,then called for the investigation to be closed, even as Trump refused to answer questions related to obstruction of justice.

“We answered every question that they asked relating to the Russian portion of the investigation and the time period before he was elected president,” Giuliani told The Daily Beast at the time. “We made clear in advance we weren’t going to answer any questions beyond that, like obstruction or the period of time after he became president.”

Giuliani continued to dismiss the possibility of Trump answering more questions on December 16, in an interview with Fox News.

“Over my dead body, but, you know, I could be dead,” he said.

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Two days later, Giuliani changed his position, telling Axios that his team “might agree” to give Mueller’s team more answers. And this Thursday, he told The Daily Beast that negotiations with Mueller were “still open.”

Later Thursday, Giuliani changed his position again, telling The Hill that Trump would never give Mueller’s team more answers to questions.

“[President Trump’s] not answering any more questions from these people – they are outrageous activity,” he said. “We did enough.”

Giuliani’s constantly shifting positions are nothing new. Before Trump sent answers to questions in November, he frequently gave different responses when asked whether Trump would give answers and in what format those answers would be delivered.

On Thursday, Giuliani also called for Mueller’s team to be investigated for allegedly destroying text messages exchanged by two FBI agents who opposed Trump’s presidency.