Rudy Giuliani asked for apologies over Twitter following the submission of Mueller's Russia report with no charges against Trump

(Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)Former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani during the Conference In Support Of Freedom and Democracy In Iran on June 30, 2018 in Paris, France. The speakers declared their support for the Iranian peoples uprising and the democratic alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran and called on the international community to adopt a firm policy against the mullahs regime and stand by the arisen people of Iran.
  • President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said in a tweet Saturday that Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff should apologise for saying there was “significant evidence” of Trump’s collusion with Russia.
  • Trump also called for former CIA director John Brennan to apologise for calling a Trump-Putin press conference “nothing short of treasonous.”
  • Giuliani’s tweets came the morning after special counsel Robert Mueller turned in his final report of the Russia investigation to Attorney General William Barr.
  • After investigators announced there would be no new indictments from the report, several lawmakers said the lack of new charges cleared Trump from further suspicion of collusion, a claim that hasn’t been made by other investigators.

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani joined scores of Trump allies who connected the lack of new indictments following special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on the Russia investigation to clearing Trump from further suspicion of Russian collusion, a claim that hasn’t been specified by other investigators.

Giuliani tweeted Saturday morning that Rep. Adam Schiff, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, should apologise for saying in February there is a wealth of evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

“[Adam Schiff] said ‘there is significant evidence of collusion involving Trump campaign,'” Giuliani wrote. “I trust he is relieved there is no collusion. And I hope he will apologise for his mistake. We all make them. The real virtue is to admit it. It would help us heal.”

Giuliani was referring to an ABC News interview in February where Schiff told host George Stephanopolous there was “ample evidence of collusion” between Trump’s campaign and Mueller’s findings from his two-year investigation.

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The tweet about Schiff was Giuliani’s second call-out related to the report. Hours earlier, Giuliani took aim at former CIA Director John Brennan for a comment he made last year that Trump’s July 2018 press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin was “nothing short of treasonous.”

“John Brennan said that POTUS action re Russian collusion was nothing short of treasonous,” Giuliani wrote late Friday. “Well even very aggressive prosecutors brought no charges of collusion. As a patriot I trust Brennan is relieved. He should apologise for a charge that was damaging to our country. Treason??”

In 2018, Brennan called a press conference that Trump held with Vladimir Putin “nothing short of treasonous,” but later clarified that he didn’t actually believe that Trump had committed treason.

The special counsel’s office said there would be no more indictments following the report on the investigation that has so farcharged eight Americans once affiliated with Trump’s campaign or administration, 13 Russian nationals, 12 Russian intelligence officers, three Russian companies, and two other people.

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