Rude, Hot and Racist - What People In Other Countries Think About Australians

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A worrying amount of Canadians have blood in their poop. Australians and New Zealanders ask a lot of their chickens.

And Britons aren’t sure if Adam Sandler is still alive.

At least, that what Google Search Suggestions suggests, and it’s hard to argue with any study that mines that all-encompassing “People Who Use Google” demographic.

San Francisco web developer Noah Veltman decided this latest data project would focus on questions people from other countries ask about other countries, and the results are a telling snapshot of our sometimes xenophobic, sometimes ignorant and mostly hilarious view of how we view our own place in the world.

In a snapshot, like this:

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Spend some time with the project and you’ll find that all countries want to know why everyone’s hating on the Xbox One and comic sans, Americans are afraid of dragons, and most alarming, Kiwis think Australia is boring. Ouch.

Veltman, who’s currently a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow at the BBC, built his first website when he was 12 but has drifted towards a fascination with data journalism, resulting in an impressive sandbox of quirky projects, including:

An analysis of clues and answers in the New York Times crossword puzzle,

A plot of Rotten Tomatoes scores for Best Picture nominees since 1928, and

Some more strange Google Search results.

See more of his work at and follow him @veltman

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