RUDD'S POLLING COMEBACK: Here's What You Need To Know

Photo: Getty / Brendon Thorne

Polling published today shows nothing short of a stunning resurgence of electoral interest in the Labor party following Kevin Rudd’s return as Prime Minister.

Although there will be intense scrutiny of the Labor party’s ousting of two sitting prime ministers to come ahead of the election the polling results will be hugely energising for the party. Here are the key points:

The Newspoll published in the Australian has Labor and the Coalition in a dead heat at 50 per cent each on the two-party preferred vote. Labor’s primary vote is up a staggering nine points, with the Coalition’s down six.

On the preferred prime minister measure Rudd smashes opposition leader Tony Abbott 53 to 31. By contrast Julia Gillard had been trailing Abbott 33 to 45. There’s more at The Oz.

Elsewhere Simon Benson reports on internal Labor polling that shows the ALP under Rudd regaining ground in seats that some had considered all but lost in the forthcoming election. There have been big swings to previous support levels in the UMR tracking research in seats such as Kingsford-Smith and McMahon, which is held by newly-installed Treasurer and Rudd backer Chris Bowen.

Labor MPs are being wheeled out voicing support for Rudd’s reforms, announced yesterday, aimed at curbing the power of factional leaders over the fate of the party leader by allowing grassroots members a say in leadership contests. Lenore Taylor reports at The Guardian Australia that Rudd talked through his plans with the ACTU leadership over dinner on Monday.

Some other key players were reportedly not as closely consulted, with NSW ALP secretary Sam Dastyari saying he was “flabbergasted” by the announcement, according to the SMH.

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