Rudd Wants Young Job Seekers To Go Through Boot Camp For Money

Getty/ Scott Olson

The Rudd government has planned to imposed an army-style boot camp as a new qualification measure for young job seekers if they want to receive the dole.

In details leaked to Fairfax The Youth Start Boot Camp will have participants following strict disciplinary regimes.

First put on the table by the Gillard government the plan now remains as a possible vote winner for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, reports SMH.

Targeting 15 to 21 year olds the policy which is set to cost $70 million will see Jobs Services Australia work with new programs to ‘assist young job seekers and provide campaigning opportunities’.

Similar ideas have already been put into practise around the country and are proving to be successful.

Sydney based BoysTown mixes adventure-based learning, sport and outdoor activities with employment programs told SMH, the programs work on ‘the major things employers are looking for: competence and character.’

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