A Mexican chain you've probably never heard of just beat out Chipotle --  here's what it's like to eat there

A Mexican chain you might not have heard of was just named the best in a Consumer Reports survey.

That chain is Rubio’s, a restaurant known for its fresh fish tacos and sustainable seafood.

People on the East Coast may not be familiar with the franchise, as the chain’s locations are limited to the Pacific coast. The West Coast-based has roughly 190 locations in Colorado, Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona, and California.


This is Rubio's founder, Ralph Rubio. He says he was always passionate about fresh fish tacos.

Source: Rubio's

He opened up his first restaurant in 1983. This is one of the original restaurants.

Source: Rubio's

Rubio's focuses on extremely fresh and sustainable ingredients.

Take your pick of what to order. Everything is fresh.

Take a look at the menu. The focus is on the fish taco.

In the kitchen, chefs prepare dishes using only the freshest ingredients, such as fresh Hass avocados. 'It has to be hass,' says the restaurant's Facebook page.

Source: Facebook

The chefs also use a special recipe to make the fish taco batter.

The items on the menu focus on using sustainable seafood.

Check out the salsa bar, and pick something mild or spicy to go with your chips.

Hot sauce, anyone?

Dig in! These tacos are extremely fresh.

Beer lovers can enjoy craft brews with their tacos.

Or unwind with a cup of sangria.

Be sure to save room for dessert!

...Or at least come back again for the churros.

Dine outside in the summertime at this California location.

The chain is committed to sustaining the environment. This is a picture of a Rubio's-sponsored beach clean up in California.

With its focus on the environment, fresh ingredients, and delicious food, no wonder so many people love Rubio's.

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